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Hit By A Car? Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

Have you been hit by a car while walking? Or did you experience some other kind of injury related to a pedestrian accident? Drivers and cyclists have a duty to practice safe and attentive driving while on the road. Failing to execute this duty successfully can cause damaging and possibly fatal pedestrian accidents. If you or someone you love has recently received injuries from an accident with a motor vehicle, you may have a case for a pedestrian accident lawsuit

How Long Does A Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Take?

If you’ve experienced a motorcycle accident at the hands of another driver, the law is on your side. Drivers have a duty to drive responsibly and practice safety while on the road. Failing to do this can result in serious and life-threatening injuries to pedestrians, motorcyclists, and other drivers. These injuries must be compensated so that victims may receive the justice and reparations they deserve. If you’re wondering how long a motorcycle accident lawsuit takes, keep reading to learn more. 

Burn Injury Lawsuit and Compensation

Burns are highly painful injuries that frequently occur across the world. While many burns are self-cased accidents, many others happen at the hands of someone else. If you or someone you love has suffered a burn injury because of another person’s actions, you may be able to sue. Read on to learn more about burn injury lawsuits and compensation. 

Average Payout For A Boy Scout Lawsuit

There has been a lot in the news about abuse and settlements with the Boy Scouts of America. The average payout for a Boy Scout lawsuit may surprise you. Even though the deadline has passed, you can still take action if someone in the Boy Scouts has abused you or a loved one. Keep reading to learn more.

Personal Injury Lawsuit: Dog Bite

Dogs are man’s best friends. But, sometimes, our furry friends don’t act the way we’d like.  According to a study from the Center For Disease Control (CDC), approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur in the United States every year, and about 800,000 of those bites require medical care. If you’ve been bitten by a dog that wasn’t yours, you may have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. Keep reading to find out more. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Clergy Abuse Lawyer

If you or someone that you love is a victim of clergy abuse, you have the right to take action and reclaim your power. Claims of sexual abuse within the Church go back several years. The first documented accusations can be dated back to the 1960s, but sexual abuse in the Church continues to be a problem today. By taking abusers to court, you can help to prevent further abuse and get the justice you deserve. Keep reading to learn more reasons to hire a clergy abuse lawyer

What is Pharmacy Malpractice?

When medical professionals make mistakes, it’s essential to hold them responsible for their actions. If you or your loved one has faced negative consequences due to a pharmacist’s error, you may be able to file a pharmacy malpractice lawsuit. What is pharmacy malpractice? Continue reading to learn more about pharmacy malpractice lawsuits and how you can sue. 

Can I Sue A Daycare Or Preschool For Sex Abuse?

Daycare and preschool are great resources for working parents. They provide a safe place for children to be cared for, develop skills, and socialize with others while their parents are away at work. But, what happens when your child care option is no longer a safe one?


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