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Catholic Church Sexual Abuse Cases

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If you or your child is a victim of Catholic Church sexual abuse, our lawyers are here to get you the justice you deserve. The Church covered up these assaults for decades, and the time has come to begin to heal your wounds and make the Church pay for these abuses. You deserve justice and compensation for your pain, and our experienced attorneys will help you get it!

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Roman Catholic Church Sexual Abuse

Much like the Boy Scouts sex abuse scandal, the accusations of abuse and coverup by the Catholic Church began to unfold in the 1980s. Lawsuits, as a result, have spanned into the 21st century and continue to this day. Going back 50 years, over 3,000 clergy have been accused of sexual abuse, harrassment and assault. The Church covered up these crimes, as matters of “sex” were not discussed openly.

Many cases against the Church have resulted in multi-million dollar awards (some documents and information can be found at These heinous acts were committed by priests, nuns, and other members of the church, mostly against children aged 11 to 14.

Arizona has put a “lookback window” in place which extends the statute of limitations for sexual abuse lawsuits, moving the age from 20 to 30. But don’t wait any longer. Call our office today so that you don’t miss that window.

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The Massey Law Firm has won nearly $30 Million for our clients. We can do the same for you. If you or your child have suffered sexual abuse by the Catholic Church, you are due your compensation and closure. We will fight for your rights and get you the justice you deserve.


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