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Hit By A Car? Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

Have you been hit by a car while walking? Or did you experience some other kind of injury related to a pedestrian accident? Drivers and cyclists have a duty to practice safe and attentive driving while on the road. Failing to execute this duty successfully can cause damaging and possibly fatal pedestrian accidents. If you or someone you love has recently received injuries from an accident with a motor vehicle, you may have a case for a pedestrian accident lawsuit

What is a Pedestrian Accident?

A pedestrian accident is any accident that occurs between a pedestrian (a person moving on foot) and a motor vehicle, bike, ATV, or motorcycle. Simply put, pedestrian accidents are any accidents that occur between one person on foot and another force. 

Though pedestrians often have the right of way when it comes to the rules of the road, they still have to follow traffic signs and signals. Still, most pedestrian accidents result from mistakes made by the driver, not the pedestrian. 

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents are everyday occurrences, meaning there are several types of pedestrian accidents. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Backup Accidents
  • Distracted Driver
  • Drunk Driving
  • Left-Hand Turns
  • Rolling Through Stop Signs
  • Pedestrian Crossing a Highway
  • Turning Vehicle
  • Failure to Yield
  • School Bus Crossing

Pedestrian Accident Statistics in Arizona 

Unfortunately, Arizona is one of the most dangerous states in the nation for pedestrians. In 2019, Arizona’s pedestrian death rate per capita was higher than almost every other state’ in the country. Here are some more fast facts on pedestrian accidents in Arizona (2020):

  • Arizona defines a pedestrian as anyone moving by foot or using a wheelchair. 
  • In 2020, there were a total of 1,523 pedestrian crashes in Arizona. 
  • 15% (232) of all 2020 pedestrian crashes were fatal. 
  • Almost half of all pedestrian fatalities occurred when a person was crossing the road. 
  • Other actions of pedestrians that were associated with higher rates of death and injury include standing, walking with traffic, and walking against traffic. 
  • A majority of pedestrian accidents occurred in urban settings. 
  • The weather did not appear to affect whether a pedestrian accident occurred. 

Average Settlement for a Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit

The average settlement for a pedestrian accident lawsuit varies depending on several factors. The severity of the injury, medical costs, the state of the driver, and other factors will all influence the settlement amount. Typically, an average settlement for minor injuries falls between $15,000 and $75,000. More severe injuries can see larger settlements, with some victims receiving up to $1 million in compensation. 

Get a Free Case Review

Massey Law Firm is experienced in suing for pedestrian accident personal injuries in Arizona. You should never have to suffer because of someone else’s carelessness, and we want to help you get the justice you deserve. 

If you or someone you love has been injured in a pedestrian accident, call our office today at 602-955-0055, and a member of our team will give you a free case review. While we can’t always ease the emotional or physical burden of the experience, we will work as hard as possible to get you the justice and financial compensation you deserve.



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