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How Much Has the Catholic Church Paid to Abuse Victims

Decades of sexual abuse by Catholic priests is turning into decades of successful claims against the church. After trying to cover up these crimes and abuses, the Church has paid over $4 billion in settlements. It appears as though there are billions more to come. Sexual assault is a serious crime, and the courts are working with victims to ensure they get justice. How much has the Catholic Church paid to abuse victims? That’s a long story.

Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse Lawsuit: Statute of Limitations

A victim of sexual abuse by the Boy Scouts of America does not want to hear that time has run out on getting justice. They don’t need to hear phrases like “Statute of Limitations.” What they need is their day in court. They need to help prevent this from happening to other boys. They need justice. So, how does the statute of limitations affect your Boy Scouts sexual abuse lawsuit here in Arizona? There’s good news.


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