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Did the Deadline to Sue the Boy Scouts Pass?

Did you or someone you know suffer from abuse during their time in the Boy Scouts of America? If so, then you need to know the history of Boy Scout abuse, the organization’s recent declaration of bankruptcy, lawsuits, and deadlines, and how you can file your suit in the state of Arizona. If you or your son were abused while in boy scouts, you may still have a case. Read this and call our office to learn more.

Child Abuse Laws in Arizona

Are you concerned about the wellbeing of a child regarding a situation of possible or confirmed abuse? Child abuse is a matter that should not be taken lightly. If you are a parent, guardian, or concerned third party looking to protect the rights of a child, it is important to know the child abuse laws in Arizona. Depending on the situation, you may be able to demand retribution for the acts and/or negligence of another party. 

Personal Stories of Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

Warning: This blog and its linked articles contain explicit stories of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

If you are a survivor of abuse at the hands of a member of the Catholic Church, you are not alone. Many survivors have come forward in the past few years to share their stories and seek justice. Whether or not you choose to share your story is entirely your decision, but if you choose to come forward with your experience, know that you are supported.

Guide to Reporting Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is incredibly underreported. It’s estimated that less than 20% of sexual abuse victims actually report their abuse. So we created this short guide to reporting sexual abuse in order to answer the many questions victims and their families have about the process of reporting their abuse. We know this is not an easy thing to do. You may be scared or embarrassed, you might not think what you experienced was sexual abuse, or you might fear hurting someone’s reputation. But reporting sexual abuse is the best thing you can do to protect yourself and others from being hurt again. 

Boy Scout Abuse FAQ

Have questions about filing a lawsuit against the boy scouts? Read our Frequently Asked Questions about Boy Scout abuse. We hope to answer any questions you might have and empower you to seek the justice you deserve. 


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