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Why Are the Boy Scouts Being Sued?

In 2010, a case against the Boy Scouts of America regarding the sexual abuse of thousands of young scouts by troop leaders blew open on national news. The terrible tragedies uncovered then are why the Boy Scouts are being sued, still today. 

History of Boy Scout Abuse

Allegations of abuse in the Boy Scouts of America go back to the 1920s. Here are some basic facts you should know:

  • It has been revealed that over 12,000 cases of abuse were reported since the 1920s.
  • These reports accused around 7,500 troop leaders and volunteers. 
  • Previously, the Boy Scouts did not require background checks for troop leaders or for other people looking for leadership positions. This made it very easy for abusers to get into close contact and form relationships with their child victims. 

Boy Scout Abuse Lawsuits

Normally, there is a statute of limitations on sexual abuse cases. This means that after a certain amount of time, charges can no longer be filed against abusers in cases of sexual assault. However, when the news of rampant abuse in the Boy Scouts went public, many states suspended their statute of limitations laws in order to allow past victims to file suits against their abusers. 

When the news of abuse went viral in 2010, the Boy Scouts quickly published all of their records on reported abuses and abusers within the organization. They also offered support to victims by providing monetary assistance and paying for counseling. However, before the story broke, many people claim that the Boy Scouts would quietly handle these abuse cases by simply firing the accused abusers. 

On February 18th of 2020, the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy, claiming that they did so to be able to better compensate victims of abuse within the organization. This put a deadline on when victims would be able to file charges against the Boy Scouts. They had until November 16, 2020 to bring any lawsuits against the organization. Any claims made after this date would result in the possible loss of rights to compensation. When the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy, they expected a couple thousand more victims to come forward. However, when November 16th arrived, that number was up to 95,000. Here in Arizona, the State Legislature added a “look back” window, allowing lawsuits all the way through the end of 2020.

The Future of the Boy Scouts of America

Only time will tell whether or not the Boy Scouts will survive. The future of the organization is up in the air as bankruptcy proceedings begin. These proceedings will decide on an amount that correctly represents fair compensation for each victim. Depending on the success of each lawsuit and the decided value of compensation, the Boy Scouts could end up owing billions of dollars in restitution. This may very well mean liquidation of the organization and the end of the Boy Scouts of America.

Report Your Boy Scout Abuse 

There have been thousands of victims of sexual abuse by the Boy Scouts of America who have bravely stepped forward to charge their abuser and take back their power. If you or someone you know has experienced abuse of any kind, call our office at 602-955-0055 and we will give you a free case review. We care about getting our clients the justice they deserve.

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