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How To Find A Medical Malpractice Attorney

Do you think you have a medical malpractice lawsuit? The pain and suffering caused by medical malpractice are enough to last a lifetime (and often, they do). If you believe that you or someone you love has been a victim of medical malpractice, hiring the best attorney you can is crucial. But sometimes, the steps to finding an attorney aren’t clear. Here’s how to find a medical malpractice attorney who will work hard to get you the justice you deserve.

Sexual Abuse In The Church

Claims of sexual abuse within the Church go back several years. The first documented accusations date back to the 1960s, but sexual abuse in the Church continues to be a problem today. Most recently, in 2002 the Boston Globe broke the huge story on rampant sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. And just this year, a study that looked at sex abuse in the Catholic Church of France showed that over 200,000 children had been abused by clergy since the 1950s. And the buck doesn’t stop there. 

Suing For DUI-related Personal Injury

Has a drunk driver injured you or someone you love? If so, you may be considering suing for a DUI-related personal injury. However, it can be difficult to know if your case is actually worth pursuing, and we understand that you’ll want to know everything before filing a lawsuit. In this post, we’ll help you to understand if you have a good case for a lawsuit against the drunk driver who caused you injury. 

Long-Term Effects From Childhood Sexual Trauma

Child sexual abuse is a heinous crime that has grave effects on the psychological state of victims. The trauma that results from this abuse can last for a lifetime and result in serious mental health issues throughout one’s life. If you or someone you know is a victim of child sex abuse and wants to learn more about its long-term effects, continue reading this post for more information. Then, consider contacting our office to take action against the abuser. 

Signs Of Repressed Childhood Trauma In Adults

The thought of having memories or emotions that have been completely repressed due to trauma can be a frightful thought. Perhaps you have repressed childhood trauma yourself. If you or someone you love is a survivor of childhood abuse, some emotions or memories may indeed have gone dormant. Read on to learn more about repressed childhood trauma in adults, and how you may be able to take legal action against your abuser. 

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Are you the surviving victim of a wrongful death and considering options for a lawsuit? Filing a wrongful death lawsuit may be an option for you to get the justice and compensation you and your loved ones deserve. Read on to learn more about what a wrongful death is, whether you have the ability to sue for wrongful death, and the compensation you may receive from a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Clergy Sex Abuse Lawsuits – Statute of Limitations

Statutes of limitations on sex abuse lawsuits have been extended across the country. This means that victims can sue for any abuse that occurred outside the normal statute of limitations. Arizona’s laws have been updated, too. Read on to find out more about clergy sex abuse and the new laws being introduced in Arizona about the statute of limitations. 

Can I Sue Someone For Abusing Me As A Child?

Child abuse is a serious crime that can traumatize a child for the rest of their life. Whether it is sexual or not, you most certainly can sue someone for abusing you as a child. Unfortunately, many people wait until they are much older before they decide to sue someone for abusing them as a child. This is understandable, as many victims of child abuse live with their trauma for several years, some experiencing negative effects their entire life. 

Head and Brain Injury Lawsuits

Head and brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries a person can face because of how life-altering and costly they are. If you or someone you love has experienced a head or brain injury at the hands of someone else, you may have a case for a lawsuit. Continue reading to learn more about these types of injuries, the average compensation that comes with a lawsuit, and whether you have a case to sue. 


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