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Head and Brain Injury Lawsuits

Head and brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries a person can face because of how life-altering and costly they are. If you or someone you love has experienced a head or brain injury at the hands of someone else, you may have a case for a lawsuit. Continue reading to learn more about these types of injuries, the average compensation that comes with a lawsuit, and whether you have a case to sue. 

What is a Head and Brain Injury?

A brain injury is an injury to the head which includes the scalp, skull, brain, and underlying tissues or blood vessels. The most common types of head and brain injury are:

  • Concussions
  • Skull fractures
  • Intracranial hematoma (blood clots, bruising, etc.) 

Traumatic injuries to the brain and head most commonly occur because of motor vehicle accidents, violence, and falls. Some hematomas can happen spontaneously. 

Can You Sue for Brain Damage?

It does not matter whether you are an adult or a minor, anyone has the right to sue for brain damage if it is the result of someone else’s misconduct. If you are worried that you cannot sue for brain damage for some reason, get a free case review from a lawyer you trust. 

Can You Get Compensation for Concussion?

You may sue and receive compensation for a concussion if your doctor concludes that the concussion was a result of misconduct. Depending on the severity of the concussion, a lawsuit can result in anywhere from $20,000 to over $100,000 in compensation. 

What is the Average Payout for Head Injury? 

Similar to a concussion, the average payout for head injury depends on the severity of the injury. It also depends on many other factors such as the amount of evidence you are able to provide, where the injury occurred, and whether or not the defendant was behaving recklessly. 

With all this to consider, there is no true average payout for a head and brain injury. It can result in compensation of thousands to millions of dollars. One thing to consider is that plaintiffs who use a lawyer generally win more cases and receive much larger compensations than those that do not.

What is a Good Settlement Offer?

Most personal injury lawsuits end with a settlement offer. This is when the defendant agrees to pay the plaintiff a certain amount and the case does not go to trial. Not only is this better for the defendant, but it also saves you the emotional toll of a trial and money that you would have spent on more legal fees. To know whether a settlement offer is good or not, you should always consult your lawyer. They have the expertise, experience, and skills to know whether an offer is good or not. 

What is considered a Severe Injury?

An experienced lawyer is the only person who will be able to tell you whether your head and brain injury counts as severe under the law. That being said, here are some things that may suggest a severe injury:

  • Any injury that leads to a long-term disability or disfigurement. 
  • An injury that requires multiple surgeries.
  • An injury with a long rehabilitation process.
  • A permanent injury. 

Get A Free Case Review Today

If you or someone you know has experienced a head or brain injury due to the reckless behavior of someone else, you may have the option to sue. Only a lawyer can analyze your case properly. At Massey Law Firm, our team is dedicated to helping clients get the justice they deserve. Call our office today at 602-955-0055, and we will review your case for free.

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