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Average Payout For A Boy Scout Lawsuit

There has been a lot in the news about abuse and settlements with the Boy Scouts of America. The average payout for a Boy Scout lawsuit may surprise you. Even though the deadline has passed, you can still take action if someone in the Boy Scouts has abused you or a loved one. Keep reading to learn more.

History Of Boy Scout Abuse Cases

Boy Scout abuse accusations go back as far as the 1920s. No one knows the exact number of abuse cases, but according to court files released by the Boy Scouts of America, over 12,000 boys were abused by about 7,800 abusers. Most of these abuses occurred before the Boy Scouts began requiring background checks for troop leaders and other members of leadership.

In 2010, the news of widespread abuse in the Boy Scouts of America went public and shocked the country. Before this revelation, the Boy Scouts quietly handled abuse cases by firing the accused abusers without further consequences. After this, the Boy Scouts published every file and record that referenced reported abuses and abusers in their organization. They also offered support to victims through monetary assistance and funding for counseling sessions. 

Has The Boy Scout Lawsuit Been Settled? 

With the 2010 newsbreak, thousands of people came forward to sue the Boy Scouts of America for the abuse they experienced as children. Because of all these lawsuits, the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy in February of 2020, claiming it would let them provide better compensation to their victims. However, filing for bankruptcy created a deadline for when victims could file charges against the organization. They had until November of 2020 to file. When the Boy Scouts filed for bankruptcy, they expected a couple thousand more victims to come forward. However, when November 16th arrived, that number was up to 95,000.

Even though the deadline to file has passed, there are other ways that you can get the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Average Payout For A Boy Scout Lawsuit

According to court papers, the average payout for a Boy Scout lawsuit varies widely. The exact amount depends on the severity of the abuse, where and when it happened, and any other relevant factors. Victims have received payouts as low as $3,500 and as high as $2.7 million. 

How to File a Lawsuit Against the Boy Scouts

If you experienced abuse by someone within the Boy Scouts of America, you can still file a lawsuit against the organization. In Arizona, there are a few options you can take advantage of: 

  • You may file a civil suit using Arizona’s open “look-back” window. Though you may not receive compensation, your abuser will be on legal public record. 
  • You also can file against your local Boy Scout council using the extended Arizona statute of limitations window. Going this route may or may not result in monetary compensation. 

To explore these options more, call our office. We have an experienced team of attorneys who have helped several people in Arizona file charges against the Boy Scouts. 

Get A Free Case Review

If you are looking to gain compensation from the Boy Scouts for you or your loved one’s abuse, now is the time to pursue your case. Call our office today at 602-955-0055 to schedule a free case review with a member of our legal team. They will go over your case with you and help you decide your next steps.

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