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Can You Sue? List of Priests Accused of Abuse In Arizona

Yes, you can sue! If you are a victim of the Catholic Church sex abuse, the window is still open to filing a lawsuit. Survivors and their families continue to rise up and speak out against their abusers in the Church. The Church has already seen $4 billion in settlements, with another $4 billion likely to come.  You have until December 31st, 2020 to get your lawsuit filed, no matter when the abuse occurred. Arizona opened a window in the statute of limitations to allow more time for you to file your suit.

List of Priests Accused of Abuse in Arizona

Take a look through the list of priests accused (and some sued and convicted) of sexual abuse in Arizona. Is your perpetrator here? Whether or not that name is on this list, you can still bring a suit against him. The thing to understand about this list is how extensive it is and how successful actions against them have been to date. That means that your case may have a great chance at getting you the justice you deserve.

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Last Name First Name Ordained Status Diocese
Bandiho Solomon 1994 Arrested Phoenix, AZ
Bredemann George V. 1983 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Bretl James 1965 Sued Phoenix, AZ
Briceno (Brecino) Joseph Cervantez 1981 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Butler Richard Edmund 1949 Accused Tucson, AZ
Byrne William T. 1952 Settled Tucson, AZ
Callanan Patrick J. 1952 ? Accused Tucson, AZ
Cocio Carlos 1981 Accused Tucson, AZ
Colleary Patrick J. 1974 Indicted Phoenix, AZ
Cordova Hernandez Jorge Washington 1982 Accused Tucson, AZ
Cristobal Adrian 1989 Sued Phoenix, AZ
DeChant Ron Arrested Tucson, AZ
Doran John P. 1945 Accused Tucson, AZ
Dyke George M 1946 Sued Tucson, AZ
Florez (Flores) Laurence (Lawrence) 1959 Sued Phoenix, AZ
Fushek Dale J. 1978 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Giandelone John Maurice 1978 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Gielow Charles 1948 Accused Phoenix, AZ
Gluch Robert A. 1964 Settled Tucson, AZ
Graf Harold P. 1968 Accused Phoenix, AZ
Griffith Gavin 1965 Accused Phoenix, AZ
Guillen Juan 1974 Convicted Tucson, AZ
Hall John J. 1982 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Henn Joseph John 1978 Indicted Phoenix, AZ
Henriques Edward ? Sued Phoenix, AZ
Hurtado Jose Sued Phoenix, AZ
Lam Sung 1966 Accused Phoenix, AZ
LeClaire Karl 1986 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Lehman Mark Allen 1988 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Lessard Joseph Marcel 1980 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Liening Mark A. 1941 ? Accused Phoenix, AZ
Lopez Jorge Ortiz Settled Phoenix, AZ
Madrid Saul 1985 Settled Phoenix, AZ
Manzo Fernando L. 1983 Sued Tucson, AZ
Miller Francis 1949 Accused Tucson, AZ
Minogue Michael 1981 Accused Phoenix, AZ
Miranda Ray Accused Tucson, AZ
Morgan Harry R. 1953 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
O’Brien Thomas J. (Bishop) 1961 Sued Phoenix, AZ
Oliver John A. 1952 Convicted Tucson, AZ
Pelton Maxwell (Ron) Sued Phoenix, AZ
Perez Henry 1973 Indicted Phoenix, AZ
Pirrung George 1954 Accused Tucson, AZ
Purcell Thomas Patrick 1972 Convicted Tucson, AZ
Ranft Paul J. 1940 Accused Tucson, AZ
Rausch (Bp) James S. 1956 Accused Phoenix, AZ
Riol Claudio 1930 Accused Tucson, AZ
Riter Rosaria Accused Tucson, AZ
Rosensweig Walter F. 1953 Accused Tucson, AZ
Rourke Charles 1958 Settled Tucson, AZ
Ruetten Charles (Jude) 1956 ? Accused Phoenix, AZ
Salinas Marcel 1954 Sued Phoenix, AZ
Sanz Julian 1977 Convicted Tucson, AZ
Schlueter/Schleuter Clemens M. 1958 Accused Tucson, AZ
Schoolcraft Byron Wayne Accused Tucson, AZ
Sherwood Wilputte Alanson ‘Lan’ 1975 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Spaulding John D.(Jack) 1971 Indicted Phoenix, AZ
Speers Phillip G. Convicted Tucson, AZ
Stencil Steven Gerard 1981 Accused Tucson, AZ
Stromberg Floyd G. 1959 Sued Tucson, AZ
Suttle Richard Allen Accused Phoenix, AZ
Teta Michael J. Settled Tucson, AZ
Thompson James Accused Tucson, AZ
Trupia Robert C. 1973 Settled Tucson, AZ
Underwood Gary E. 1980 Convicted Tucson, AZ
Van de Ven Kenneth A. 1971 Accused Phoenix, AZ
Van Dyke Charlie Accused Phoenix, AZ
Verhagen Donald R. 1945 Sued Phoenix, AZ
Vovko John Willliam 1968 Convicted Phoenix, AZ
Wagner Justin ? Accused Phoenix, AZ
Zamorano Richard 1993 Sued Tucson, AZ
Zlatis Douglas Sued Phoenix, AZ

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