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Can I Sue A Daycare Or Preschool For Sex Abuse?

Daycare and preschool are great resources for working parents. They provide a safe place for children to be cared for, develop skills, and socialize with others while their parents are away at work. But, what happens when your child care option is no longer a safe one?

Boy Scout Sex Abuse: Why Speaking Out Matters

The Boy Scouts of America presents itself as a wholesome family-friendly organization, but underneath the surface they have hurt thousands of boys by perpetuating and covering up child sexual abuse. Boy scout sexual abuse has run rampant for as long as the organization has existed, but only fairly recently has it been uncovered. Thanks to the brave survivors who understand why speaking out matters, justice is near for the boys who faced this unspeakable abuse at the hands of those meant to guide and protect them.

Resources for Victims of Catholic Church Abuse

Sexual abuse can leave a survivor with emotional scars, and due to the “secrecy” aspect that perpetators take advantage of, it can also leave survivors feeling isolated and alone. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources to help on the path to healing from this trauma. Not all of them may be helpful, but hopefully at least one or two will resonate and may help you feel more powerful and supported. 

Taking the Power Back: Surviving Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is a horrific crime with no set procedure on how or when to heal, no matter when it happened or what the circumstances were. Surviving sexual abuse is an uneven road that looks different for every individual. During this process, it’s important to be kind to yourself and, if possible, to accept help from loved ones and to find a professional who can help you work out your emotions in a healthy way. Victims of sex abuse by the Catholic Church and Boy Scouts of America can have hope.


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