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Catholic Churches Taking PPP Loans

According to Business Insider the Catholic Church may be the largest recipient of PPP loans in the entire country amounting to at least 1.4 Billion dollars and possibly as high as 3.5 billion dollars. These loans may never be repaid.

The PPP (Paycheck Protection Program)  was designed to help small businesses survive the COVID-19 pandemic – keep people employed. No organization with more than 500 employees is eligible for a PPP loan. The Catholic Church is getting around this by applying as local dioceses and other affiliated organizations. Many allege that they are wrongfully bypassing the original intent for this emergency program. 

Catholic Churches Taking Advantage Of Government Assistance

Many victims of Catholic Church abuses are understandably offended by this choice of wealthy Catholic churches to take advantage of taxpayer assistance. It brings up pains of the past, since many believe that the church did not take adequate care of the victims and the families of church sex abuse. 

These cases are ongoing, and many believe that this is a way for the church to mitigate their losses, particularly since they are a tax exempt organization. 

Where Is The PPP Money Going?

Adding to the outrage, The New Times has reported that schools and charities, including a “treatment” center that the church sent abusive priests to, were included in the program. This kind of tone deaf action is part and parcel of the aggravations victims and their families face. The church is quick to organize when they want to receive money, but they are slow to respond to victims.

Are Arizona Churches Taking The Money?

Here in Arizona, while the Phoenix diocese did not request a PPP loan, many of its related organizations and many other churches have. For example, the cathedral in Phoenix did receive a large PPP loan as did the Tucson diocese. This is the same organization that filed for bankruptcy protection in the face of the lawsuits rather than address their responsibility. Plenty of other Arizona churches took advantage of these loans including the church that held a rally in the middle of the pandemic. That church, Dream city, had recently changed its name and both it and it’s affiliated religious private school received PPP loans. According to AZCentral the following Churches received funding as well.

  • Phoenix-based Church of the Nations
  • Dayspring United Methodist Church in Tempe
  • Northwest Valley Baptist Church in Glendale 
  • St. Thomas More Catholic Parish in Glendale

Take Action Against These Churches

These churches are taking Federal money for their benefit. We want to help you get the money you deserve in recompense for your suffering. Please reach out to us right away to learn more. 

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