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What Kind of Cases do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle

Injuries happen every day. Sometimes it might be your own fault, but other times someone else is to blame. If you’ve suffered a personal injury and believe somebody else is at fault, you may have a personal injury case. Read on to find out more about personal injury law and what kinds of cases personal injury lawyers handle. 

What Qualifies as a Personal Injury Case? 

A personal injury case occurs when one person experiences an injury and another party is legally responsible for that injury. Personal injury law exists so that the injured person may receive the compensation and justice they deserve for their injuries. This compensation may be in the form of reimbursement of or payment for medical expenses as well as any indemnities for pain and suffering. 

What Kinds of Cases do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle? 

Personal injury lawyers handle two main types of cases: intentional tort and negligence. The main difference between these two kinds of cases has to do with the guilty party’s intention when the injury was caused. Intentional tort cases have to do with injuries that were caused on purpose while negligence cases are the result of an unintentionally caused injury. Here are some examples of each case. 

Intentional Tort: When an injury is caused on purpose — the guilty party wanted to cause the injury 

  • Assault and/or Battery 
  • Arson
  • Sexual Assault/Abuse 
  • Damages from Theft
  • False Imprisonment 
  • Injuries from Defamation 

Negligence: When an injury is caused, without intent, through carelessness or other dangerous behaviors. 

  • Car Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Defective Products 
  • Dog Bite

What Are the Chances of Winning a Personal Injury Lawsuit? 

Your chances of winning a personal injury lawsuit all depend on the available evidence surrounding your case, the quality of your lawyer, and the way in which you injured yourself. Normally, personal injury cases — if they are handled by a good attorney — don’t even make it to court. Over 90% of personal injury lawsuits are settled before they get to trial, meaning you can get your compensation without having to worry about going to court. 

When Should a Personal Injury Lawyer Be Used? 

If you’ve been injured and you believe that another party — such as an individual, a company, or a group of people — is responsible, you may want to look into getting a personal injury lawyer. You should undoubtedly use a personal injury lawyer if you believe that you are owed a large compensation for your injuries. 

What is the Average Payout for a Personal Injury Claim? 

Average personal injury payouts vary quite a bit because of the wide array of injuries that can occur. At Massey Law Firm we have reached settlements of up to $725,000 on personal injury lawsuits. An average payout for personal injury cases tends to fall anywhere between $3,000 up to $75,000. 

Get A Free Case Review  

If you have experienced a personal injury at the fault of another party and believe that you deserve compensation, call our Scottsdale law office today at 602-955-0055. One of our lawyers will review your case with you for free and talk about options for your next steps. For the team at Massey Law Firm, it’s important to hold people responsible for their actions and get our clients the justice and compensation that they deserve.

– Massey Law Firm, your Scottsdale Personal Injury Attorneys

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