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Common Causes of Child Injury

Has your child recently suffered an injury? Often, when a child gets hurt there is no one to blame. However, sometimes there is someone at fault. Do you have grounds for a child injury lawsuit? Learn more about some of the common causes of child injury and how to know whether or not you can file a lawsuit for injuries suffered by your child. 

Common Child Injuries

Children get injured for several different reasons. According to the CDC’s Childhood Injury Report, some of the most common nonfatal unintentional injuries among children include: 

  • Falls
  • Being struck by or against an object
  • Overexertion
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Cuts and piercings
  • Bites and stings

The most common fatal unintentional injury for children is, by far, motor vehicle accidents. If your child has experienced any of these fatal or nonfatal injuries, unintentional or not, you may have grounds to sue.

What Makes Children Susceptible to Injury

Children are young, which means they don’t have the experience of learning when they need to be careful or what the consequences of their actions might be. They are curious creatures who have a sense of fearlessness simply because they haven’t had enough life experience to feel fear. This can make them more susceptible to injuries than an average adult would be.

Furthermore, children don’t have much autonomy. If they are with an adult who is encouraging dangerous activities, most children won’t know that they can or should say no. Children need to be supervised by responsible adults when they are at play to ensure they do not get hurt. 

How To React When Your Child Gets Hurt

When your child gets hurt, you might enter into a state of panic. But, it’s important to remain as calm as possible when things like this happen. That way you can assure that your child will be okay and that you’ve taken the right steps to help them:

  • If they’re still in a dangerous situation, remove your child from any danger.
  • Address their injuries. If you are able to care for them easily at home, start to do so right away. If you think your child might need to go to the emergency room, do not hesitate to take them.
  • Talk to your child and try to calm them down. You should try to do this throughout the entire experience. Remember, your child will watch and copy your actions and attitude! A calm demeanor is important. 
  • If you weren’t there when your child got hurt, talk to them about the incident and exactly what occurred. You can also ask any other adults who were nearby and may have seen what happened. 
  • Finally, if you think that there was some foul play involved, call a child injury attorney. Getting in contact with an attorney as soon as you can is important to make sure the facts are fresh in everyone’s mind. 

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If your child was recently injured and you think that you may have grounds for a lawsuit, our team at Massey Law Firm would be happy to help you. We’ll give you a free case review and talk about your options and possible next steps. Our team is dedicated to helping clients get the justice and compensation they deserve for their suffering. Call our office today at 602-955-0055 for your free case review.

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