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Are the Boy Scouts Protecting Accused Predators?

The Boy Scouts of America have been in the headlines for the past few years for a few big issues. While it may be easy to get distracted by the bankruptcy, we can’t forget about the sexual abuse cases that have made headlines. As victims come forward it gives others that have been abused the courage to step forward as well. But, when it comes to sex abuse cases, are the Boy Scouts protecting the wrong people? 

Are the Boy Scouts Protecting Accused Predators?

There are a number of allegations that The Boy Scouts of American have been covering up sexual abuse and protecting the offenders rather than the victims of this abuse. When you look at the records and how far back this goes, it is not impossible to come to that conclusion. There are files that date back to 1944 listing those removed from Boy Scouts leadership due to sexual misconduct. 

There are more than 12,000 victims that have been identified or have come forward. This is a huge number of children that have been sexually abused during their time as a Boy Scout. It is hard to refute the evidence that there was a cover-up. The BSA leadership claims that all of the abuse was reported to authorities. However, we know that sexual abuse often goes unreported. 

There are decades of files found that are now referred to as the “perversion files.” These are the files that contain all of the people that were banned from Boy Scouts due to sexual misconduct with the children. These people were not reported or brought to justice. 

Why would the Boy Scouts of America want to cover this type of abuse up rather than get justice for the victims?

  • Protect the organization from bad publicity
  • Protect the accused leaders from consequences

When it comes to an organization that is supposed to protect, teach, and care for children, this is a problem. The truth has finally come out and if you or someone you love was victimized by a leader in the Boy Scouts, let us help. 

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The sexual abuse of a child by an adult that is supposed to be teaching and training them is an absolute abuse of power. This is what happened in the Boy Scouts of America. These horrendous acts against children were followed by a decades-long cover-up. The victims of these crimes deserve justice no matter how much time has passed. When a trusted adult takes advantage of a child it produces long term consequences and traumas. 

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