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The loss of a loved one is devastating. How do you honor the commitments made to your spouse and family members when faced with a wrongful death, catastrophic injury or trauma due to a medical mistake? There are a diverse set of legal requirements for every wrongful death claim. Consultation with a wrongful death lawyer is recommended to evaluate your case, however, please consider the following factors:

1. Any personal injury, trauma, physical pain, emotional anguish, fear or anxiety suffered by the victim.

2. Loss of companionship, moral support, enjoyment of life and love, and grief suffered by the victim's surviving family.

3. Loss of victim's projected future earnings until time of retirement or death, whether or not the surviving family members relied on these earnings for assistance.

4. Medical expenses and funeral costs.

The Wrongful Death Lawyer

While we can't ease the emotional burden, the wrongful death lawyers at The Massey Law Firm can work for your financial compensation if a mistake has been made. With more than 52 years of experience investigating and preparing wrongful death claims, we can help you honor those commitments by seeking the truth.



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