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Birth Injury & Trauma

What are some of the more common birth injuries?

>> Brachial plexus injury
>> Cerebral palsy
>> Bruising/forceps marks
>> Caput succedaneum
>> Cephalohematoma
>> Facial paralysis
>> Fractures
>> Subconjunctival hemorrhage

What are Brachial plexus birth injuries?

The brachial plexus is a network of nerves that conducts signals from the spine to the shoulder, arm and hand. Brachial plexus injuries are caused by damage to those nerves. Symptoms may include a limp or paralyzed arm, lack of muscle control in the arm, hand or wrist, and lack of feeling or sensation in the arm or hand. Brachial plexus injuries happen during delivery, when the baby's shoulders become impacted during the birth process, and traction is placed on the fetal head causing the brachial plexus nerves to stretch or tear. There are four types of brachial plexus injuries:

Avulsion - the most severe type, in which the nerve is torn from the spine;
Rupture - in which the nerve is torn but not at the spinal attachment;
Neuroma - in which the nerve has tried to heal itself but scar tissue has
grown around the injury, putting pressure on the injured nerve and
preventing the nerve from conducting signals to the muscles;
Neuropraxia or Stretch - in which the nerve has been damaged but not
torn. Neuropraxia is the most common type of brachial plexus injury.

What is medical negligence in a birth injury case?

Medical negligence occurs when a doctor fails to use the degree of skill and learning ordinarily used under the same or similar circumstances by members of their profession.

What are some examples of medical negligence in birth injury cases?

>> Maternal or fetal bleeding
>> Maternal or fetal distress or anoxia (lack of oxygen)
>> Umbilical cord entrapment or compression
>> Need for cesarean section
>> Vacuum extractor and forceps use
>> Infections
>> Anticipation of large baby
>> Maternal health complications


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